The Downtown Chamber Series was founded in 2000 by musicians seeking a new approach to live chamber music in Phoenix, Arizona. Instead of performing in traditional venues like concert halls and churches, our concerts are held in urban galleries and warehouses amidst visual art. The project hosts five chamber music programs each year, exploring a wide diversity of music and instruments including strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. The concerts are exciting experiences for the performers and audience alike, always unique, changing with different venues, musicians, and exhibitions. We have performed over 150 concerts in 14 different galleries, all of which were produced by the musicians and artists involved. A major goal of ours is to keep live music affordable to all, at $20 a ticket, and we now offer free seats to full-time students. The concert goers, musicians, and committed visual artists in our community have defined this series, giving all involved a sense of place and pride in our city. Join us!